S.C. TRANSMONDO S.R.L., backed by an expertise of over 12 years in the field of translations, has emerged as a company that provides high quality services in an expedite and reliable manner.

In our endeavour to accelerate our reaction time to our customers’ needs, but also to expand our customer base, in early 2009 we launched our Online Translation Agency.

The goal of the Online Translation Agency is to reach out to our customers worldwide, at any time. This platform enables you to send us directly any job you may have for us, and we will process them as soon as possible.

The main activity of Transmondo is to provide certified and non-certified translations, interpreting, furnishing of the Apostille of The Hague, consulting in our main fields, subtitling and so on.

We routinely perform online translations in any field: administrative, economic, legal, technical, IT, medical, but also notarised and/or non-notarised translations from/to any of the following languages:

English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Latin, Dutch, Danish, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew Persian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

For more details or a full list of the services we provide, please access services.

The quality and reliability of our services are equally provided by our partners and our top clients.

Our translators and interpreters are all certified in their languages of expertise, but also experts in their respective fields.

Furthermore, our translation agency has an impressive collection of dictionaries, while the jobs we undertake are managed and monitored by means of professional software tools. For a more detailed description of our company please click here.

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You are welcome to contact us at any time at our e-mail addresses or by phone using the numbers listed under contact.